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Here is an Overview to Your TO BE successful Coaching and Mentoring Program

Every week we will send you a short or sometimes longer lesson with practical steps you are recommended to take. This lesson will come to you in MP3 format, as a video or a pdf and maybe sometimes as a webinar.  We will make it as easy as possible and take you through the whole process of achieving what you want in life until it will actually happen. We talked about this in your very first video.

Make sure you know where you are goingThe No. 1 secret to achieving all you want in life is to know what you want. You must be crystal clear about it otherwise you will always go off course or stop when there is an obstacle. In our weekly coaching program we will take you through all the steps to become crystal clear on your goals and dreams. Once you are clear, we will start to work backwards – always keeping the desired end result in mind.

time-to-winWhen that is in motion we shall look at you inner self to find out what has been stopping you or holding you back in your process towards living the life of your dreams and we will work on eliminating whatever it is. Success is an inner game and in this program we play to win!

Our next step is to define your most important values and beliefs because whether you can or can’t depends totally on what you believe. This is where we will boost your confidence and re-create your life’s purpose because a purpose driven life is much more satisfactory and fun than one lived out of comfort and necessity.

Next we will turn your dreams into practical steps from an idea, a vision into your reality. This will take you from goal setting to goal getting and brings real life results!

During this whole process we will make sure you are in control and not your negative self talk or the dream stealers around you. To achieve this you will get a lot of easy to use practical tools and techniques.

As you take this step by step approach to actually make your wildest dreams come true, you will fill the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. The end result will be the REAL YOU living the success that has so far eluded you.

Warning! Even though this is an easy to follow program, unless you actually do the steps NOTHING WILL CHANGE! You have to take action if you want results. You have to take better actions if you want better results. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Like Einstein said: “The definintion of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.” But I suppose I am preaching to the converted as you are still here and ready to go.

To begin I suggest you make a choice of who (metaphorically speaking) you want to be in life:

Do you want to be a small fish or do you want to be a BIG fish?

Now let’s begin!

Week 1 – How to make sure you are moving towards the right goal!

I tithe. At least 10% of all I make goes to the following charity organisations: